Cyclica Inc

  • Reducing
    failure risk in drug discovery
  • Intelligent
    Molecular Redesign™
  • Improving
    patient outcomes
Who are we?
To address the rising cost of R&D in drug discovery and low regulatory approval rates of pre-market pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products Cyclica develops next generation technologies that reduce risk and time to market for promising therapeutic leads. Cyclica is commercializing Ligand Express™, a pre-computed data integration platform that brings together the growing deluge of biological and chemical data being deposited in academic data commons and indexes it for rapid search and the identification of protein-drug interactions. Using a cloud computing approach, Cyclica’s powerful Ligand Express™ platform reduces the failure risk of drug discovery projects by allowing clients to anticipate a drug candidate’s side effects prior to clinical trials, thereby enabling more informed R&D investment decisions. Furthermore, the technology allows researchers to overcome expensive project hurdles with data-guided Intelligent Molecular Redesign™.