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From molecule to medicine

Cyclica embraces the complexity of disease.

Building the biotech
pipeline of the future

We decentralize innovation with technology, build novel data-driven pipelines, and fuel cross-organizational collaborations at a molecular level.

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Cyclica is the partner of choice
for data-driven drug discovery

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Our drug discovery platform embraces the complexity of disease

We integrate systems biology, medicinal chemistry, biophysics, and machine learning to address challenging problems across the drug discovery life cycle.

Cyclica's polypharmacology-focused platform embraces the complexity of disease
Cyclica's platform uses a proteome-wide lens

AI should not be a black box

Screening for actives with target-specific black boxes has limited upside.

Utilizing a proteome-wide lens, our platform provides an understanding of a molecule’s properties in complex systems of health and disease.

A computational approach to poly-pharmacology

Our machine learning platform uses a proteome-wide lens to evaluate multiple novel and rare on- and off-target interactions simultaneously.

Cyclica's platform takes a computational approach to polypharmacology

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Integrate science to advance molecules downstream.

A polypharmacological view

Our unique, multi-target approach allows us to evaluate novel and rare on- and off-target interactions simultaneously.

Custom proteomes on-demand

We utilize human and custom proteomes to accommodate animal and plant-based research, viral targets, and more.

Biophysics matters

Screening for actives alone has limited upside. We integrate science with a structure-based view, working not just on targets but with everything downstream, too.

Data-driven decisions

We increase the probability of success by applying data-driven approaches to arrive at answers quickly, without compromising quality or integrity.

It’s personal

We are technology, pharma, and biotech veterans who will labour with you shoulder-to-shoulder as colleagues, sharing risk and reward with fidelity to you and your work.

Integrated partnerships

We are decentralizing innovation with technology, building novel data-driven pipelines, and instigating cross-organizational collaborations at a molecular level.

We don’t overpromise

We never compromise on data quality or integrity, so you can trust our results. We set a high bar and live by it every day.

Our purpose is patients

We’re in this for one reason and one reason alone: to get medicines to patients faster and more precisely.

From molecule to medicine

Make data-driven decisions about molecule design by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to protein biophysics with Cyclica.