About Us


Our vision is to drive drug discovery by empowering scientists in pharma with an integrated cloud-based and AI-augmented platform that enhances how they design, screen, and personalize medicines.


Core Values

Scientific Integrity

We approach scientific research cautiously and with a critical eye. We strive to be accurate and precise in our scientific communications. We reward our team for standing up for what they believe to be right, challenging the status quo, and uncovering new ways of driving innovation even if it means going against the grain and adjusting a conventional way of of approaching a problem.



We commit ourselves to constantly developing new technologies and improving existing ones. We believe that innovation is the foundation of scientific discovery, and we pride ourselves on the cutting-edge technologies we continuously bring to our clients. 



We are transforming how scientists interact with technologies. Our intuitive user interface is designed with users in mind. We are dedicated to providing users an enjoyable experience while helping them to make sound research decisions.



We recognize that we cannot do it all ourselves. We are able to produce highly enabling technologies by working closely with other innovative organizations. Creating synergy is what we pursue in both our technology and within our collaborations.


Cyclica's Team

Naheed Kurji

Andreas Windemuth

Gary Kivenko

Stephen MacKinnon

Shane Climie


Devon Welch

Jonathan MᶜClare

Natasha Puri

Shelley Deeke

Peter Vlasveld

Benjamin DiFrancesco

Mohesan Sreekuladevan

Ellen Choi

Harsh Patel

Jessie Poon

Arthur Li

Phyllis Lam

Linda Zhao

Davesh Chauhan

Steve Constable

David Kuter

Simon Song

Carly Holm

Andrew Brereton

Linh Nguyen

Gurkamal Deol

Zhaleh Safikhani

Vijay Shahani



Mostafa Analoui

Franklyn Prendergast

Mike List


Scientific Advisory Board

Shoshana Wodak

Rick Panacucci

John Conway

Issi Rozen