LEAP Award

Ligand Express® Academic Polypharmacology  (LEAP)  Program 

The annual Ligand Express® Academic Polypharmacology (LEAP) Program is open two years in a role. LEAP is a program for academic researchers to apply for access to Cyclica’s cloud-based platform, Ligand Express®, with the goal of increasing the impact of existing research efforts and bolstering publication(s) with novel in silico insights. Cyclica will award successful applicants with an in-kind contribution to Ligand Express® for a period of 90 days to screen up to three small molecules (200 - 800 dalton).

About Ligand Express®:

  • Ligand Express® is a patented and validated structure-based and AI-augmented platform that unbiasedly screens small molecules against a repository of all structurally characterized proteins. Learn more details about Ligand Express® here.

  • Privately and securely  access Ligand Express® at through a web browser.

  • Input to the platform is a chemical structure - no knowledge of associated protein targets is required.

  • Analyze results in the highly interactive web-based interface to gain insights into mechanism deconvolution, target identification, drug repositioning, and lead prioritization.

Why should you participate?

  • Reposition existing molecules for new indications.

  • Increase the impact of your publications and generate high-value data for your next grant application.

  • Drive research insights to programs related to pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and phytochemicals.

  • Identify novel targets that can explain a biological observation in your assay (e.g. from a phenotypic screen or other biological assay).

  • Understand the on-/off-target polypharmacology profile of your compounds and create testable hypotheses (e.g. from a target-centric virtual screen).

  • Analyze your molecule's ADMET properties using Cyclica's proprietary ADMET-Prediction tool that consistently outperforms traditional supervised learning techniques.

  • There is no cost involved in this application, and the application form takes 20 minutes to complete. 

A shortlist of finalists will receive:

  • Opportunity to screen up to three small molecules over the course of 90 days.

  • Kickoff training session and continuous support from Cyclica’s scientist team.

  • Secure access to Ligand Express® for one principal investigator and one lab member to analyze results.

Application opens:  August 1, 2019
Submission deadline:  September 30, 2019
Award Announcement: October 31, 2019

For more questions about our LEAP Award, please visit our FAQ Page.