Design Advanced Novel Chemical Entities (DANCE) Program

We are pleased to announce DANCE - Design of Advanced Novel Chemical Entities, the inaugural drug design collaboration program under the Cyclica Academic Partnership Program (CAPP). With the launch of DANCE, we invite research institutions globally to join us in creating novel chemical entities for unmet needs for disease treatments.

What is DANCE Program?

DANCE is a program for academic researchers to apply for access to Cyclica’s Ligand Design™ technology, with the goal of creating intellectual properties of novel chemical entities that will increase the impact of existing drug discovery efforts. All upfront fees will be waived for a limited number of academic partners and the ownership of the new compounds will be shared between the academic partner and Cyclica.

What is Ligand Design™?

Cyclica’s Ligand Design™ technology generates novel chemical entities with desirable multi-targeted profiles and advanced lead-like properties using a patented AI-algorithm that is genetically inspired. Ligand Design digitializes the design, make, test, and analyze cycle used in traditional experimental drug discovery processes to rapidly design advanced lead-like molecules to accelerate your drug development programs. More information about Ligand Design™ can be found here.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Rapid generation of intellectual properties of patentable novel chemical entities

  • Unique polypharmacological consideration to enhance selectivity and safety of the compounds

  • ADMET properties by design to improve pharmacokinetic properties

  • There is no upfront cost involved to acquire new IP of chemical structures, and the application form takes 20 minutes to complete.

What is a General Workflow of Ligand Design™?

  1. The Academic Partner will select targets and anti-targets for drug design

  2. The Academic Partner may suggest seed molecules (eg. known binders, FDA-approved drugs) 

  3. Specify the physicochemical and ADMET properties desired for the advanced lead candidates

  4. Ligand Design™ will generate a collection of drug-like small molecules with desired properties

  5. The Academic Partner will synthesize the compounds for future research and commercialization

  6. Ownership of the new compound structure is split between the Academic Partner and Cyclica

Application opens:  August 1, 2019
Submission deadline:  September 30, 2019
Award Announcement: October 31, 2019

For more questions about our DANCE Award, please visit our CAPP FAQ Page.