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AI meets Biophysics for Drug Discovery

Cyclica is a Toronto-based biotechnology company that leverages biophysics and artificial intelligence (AI) to make drug discovery faster, safer, and cheaper. We enable all scientists in Pharma with an integrated network of technologies, thereby driving drug discovery and revolutionizing a system troubled with attrition and costly failures.

Our cloud-based Ligand Express® platform uncovers the polypharmacological profiles of small molecules to provide insight into target identification, mechanism of drug action, lead prioritization, the elucidation of adverse effects, and drug repurposing. We are extending the capabilities of Ligand Express® to include structural pharmacogenomics by layering annotated genetic data on top of protein structure in order to help investigate the effect of genetic variation on drug action. These capabilities have also been augmented by the addition of ADMET Prediction tool, an adaptive AI modelling methodology that outperforms traditional classifiers to generate QSAR models, thereby enabling a better understanding of the relationship between drug structure and function.


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