Our Team


Over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in bioinformatics, pharmaceutical research, and business strategy.

Naheed Kurji


Andreas Windemuth


Gary Kivenko


Our Team

Everyone at Cyclica is passionate about delivering a high quality drug bioinformatics platform, and leading the way in computational drug discovery.

Scott Campbell

James Crompton

Steven Huang

Marc Laforet

Stephen MacKinnon


Steven Molinski

Lenny Morayniss

Sonia Seto

Vijay Shahani

Joseph Somody


Simon Song

Aparna Shukla

Geoff Woollard


Our Board

George Bickerstaff

Mostafa Analoui

Mike List


Scientific Advisory Board

Shoshana Wodak

Rick Panacucci

John Conway


Business and Strategic Advisors

Nathaniel Lipkus

Jeremy Grushcow