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Cyclica Announces the Addition of Dr. Andy Hope to its Management Team

TORONTO, ON, CANADA (July 24, 2017)- Cyclica Inc. is pleased to announce that it has added Dr. Andy Hope as VP of Sales and Business Development.

Andy brings to Cyclica a rich background and over 25 years experience in sales and business development in the life sciences industry providing complex solutions and services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. After obtaining his PhD in Chemistry from University College London (UCL), Andy spent his first ten years with two pioneers in the field of Computer Aided Molecular Design: Chemical Design and Biosym Technologies (both companies eventually became part of Accelrys, now known as Biovia).  After a further seven years at Aspen Technology he then assumed increasing levels of responsibility at companies including Director of Business Development at GeneFormatics, Solutions Executive at IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences, Director of Business Development at GeneGo (Systems Biology), Director of Discovery & Translational Science at Thomson Reuters, and most recently  Senior Director, Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Bio-ReferenceLabs/GeneDx.
Naheed Kurji, Cyclica’s President and CEO, had this to say, “Andy has a rich background in the industry, and will add demonstrable value to our strategic thinking, and global commercial endeavors. We are fortunate and thrilled to have his level of expertise at the management level leading our sales and business development efforts. I’m looking forward to working with Andy and the entire BD team to introduce Cyclica’s platform on the global stage.”

Andy had this to say about his appointment, “After spending over 20 years of my career selling a range of in silico solutions and services to pharmaceutical companies, I believe that Cyclica is well positioned to enable pharma R&D to capture significant value in drug discovery using its unique platform for structure based screening on a proteome wide scale, Ligand Express™.  I am equally excited about the company’s forward thinking innovative efforts. Cyclica delivers Ligand Express™ in a cloud-based platform that not only provides the scalable compute power required to perform these intensive analyses but also relieves pharmaceutical companies of the administrative overhead and burden of supporting a platform in-house. ”

About Cyclica
Cyclica Inc. has developed, validated, patented and commercialized Ligand Express™, a cloud-based platform that screens small-molecule drugs against repositories of structurally-characterized proteins or ‘proteomes’ to determine polypharmacological profiles. Accordingly, Ligand Express™ identifies significant protein targets using an innovative structure-based and drug-centric technology, leverages artificial intelligence to determine the drug’s effect on these targets, and visualizes the predicted drug-protein interactome using bioinformatics and systems biology. The platform provides a unique panoramic view of a small-molecule, by identifying on- and off-target interactions that may be expected, as well as those that are unanticipated. By understanding how a small-molecule drug will interact with all proteins in the body, Ligand Express™ augments scientific investigation by elucidating mechanism of action, prioritizing lead candidates, understanding side effects, as well as determining new uses for existing drugs. For more information please visit: