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Cyclica Announces the Appointment of John F. Conway to its Scientific Advisory Board

TORONTO, ON, CANADA (June 16, 2017)- Cyclica Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of John F. Conway to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). 

John brings to Cyclica his deep expertise in computational drug discovery and cheminformatics, as well as his extensive 25+ years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, John serves as Global Director of R&D Data Science and Informatics Strategy at LabAnswer, where he specializes in R&D Data and Cloud Strategies in the life sciences and related industries. Prior to this role, John held leadership roles at Schrödinger and Accelrys (now BIOVIA), as well as Director of Cheminformatics and Structural Biology at GlaxoSmithKline, and Sr. Scientific Programmer and Informatics at Merck and Co. Inc.  He attended Penn State University for Biochemistry and then Lehigh University for Molecular and Cellular Biology, and has spent his career becoming an expert in scientific informatics, computational approaches and analytics. 

Naheed Kurji, Cyclica’s President and CEO, is excited for Mr. Conway’s addition to the SAB and had this to say, “Over the past 12 months, we have attracted global leaders to support Cyclica’s growth – first with the appointment of Dr. Rick Panicucci to our SAB, then with the appointment of Dr. Mostafa Analoui to our Board of Directors. Similar to our excitement with those appointments, we are thrilled to have John join our SAB. There are very few people that I have met over the past few years who are as thoughtful in their approach, as dedicated to the science, and as deeply entrenched on the business side as well. Our vision as a company is to be an integral utility platform in the pharma R&D value chain. To achieve this, we seek to attract the best, brightest, and most committed talent, and John fits that model very well. I am confident that his impact on the company will be immediate and profound.” 

John had this to say about his appointment, “I’ve gotten to know the Cyclica team well over the past few months. What impressed me the most, beyond their dynamic team, perpetual energy and focused strategy, is their innovative thinking around long-standing problems in the pharmaceutical space. I fundamentally believe that they are on the right path to make a significant positive impact in the space, which is desperately needed. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the SAB and the Cyclica team to get our science and technology like the Ligand Express™ platform broadly adopted and consistently used in the market.”

About Cyclica
Cyclica Inc. has developed, validated, patented and commercialized Ligand Express™, a cloud-based platform that screens small-molecule drugs against repositories of structurally-characterized proteins or ‘proteomes’ to determine polypharmacological profiles. Accordingly, Ligand Express™ identifies significant protein targets using an innovative structure-based and drug-centric technology, leverages artificial intelligence to determine the drug’s effect on these targets, and visualizes the predicted drug-protein interactome using bioinformatics and systems biology. The platform provides a unique panoramic view of a small-molecule, by identifying on- and off-target interactions that may be expected, as well as those that are unanticipated. By understanding how a small-molecule drug will interact with all proteins in the body, Ligand Express™ augments scientific investigation by elucidating mechanism of action, prioritizing lead candidates, understanding side effects, as well as determining new uses for existing drugs. For more information please visit: