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Cyclica Joins Bayer G4A to Advance its Novel Differential Drug Design Technology

TORONTO, ON, CANADA (August 30, 2018) –  Cyclica ( is thrilled to announce that it has joined Bayer G4A as one of six finalists selected from over 1800 applicants globally this year. 

In November 2017, Cyclica introduced a first-in-class-proteome screening technology as part of Ligand Express, which is actively being used by scientists at leading global pharmaceutical companies to understand the polypharmacology of drug molecules. Now, as part of Bayer G4A, Cyclica will work alongside mentors at Bayer to accelerate the deployment of its novel, patented, and first-in-class Differential Drug Design (DDD) technology, which has been in development for nearly two years.

Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head, Digital Health Incubation & Innovation at Bayer said: “We are particularly excited to have Cyclica as part of the G4A. They have established themselves as a leading company in the space, and it will be a pleasure to support the advancement of their highly innovative drug design technology. Their team is dynamic, their energy is intoxicating, and their efforts in advancing healthcare for the benefit of patients in a hyper-collaborative way is what we look for at Bayer.”

Naheed Kurji, Cyclica’s President and CEO said:  “The high attrition rate of late-stage clinical trials is not only costly to the industry as a whole, but also adversely impacts patients. Reducing up front risk is key to downstream success, and that’s why the pharmaceutical industry is actively seeking, and investing in, new ways to make early go/no-go decisions to save money and time. Bayer G4A and Cyclica have a shared priority: to get better medicines in the hands of patients faster. To advance our vision requires continuous and rapid innovation, and Bayer G4A provides us the platform to do just that.”

Dr. Andreas Windemuth, Chief Science Officer added: “Bayer G4A offers Cyclica’s brilliant scientists and developers world-class guidance and mentorship by Bayer’s scientists. This program will advance what we believe will be a highly unique and valuable AI-powered drug design technology. Together with the ongoing work we are doing in structural pharmacogenomics, Cyclica will emerge with a unique end-to-end enabling platform that will transform how drug discovery scientists design, screen, and personalize medicines – all to the benefit of patients.” 

About Cyclica
Cyclica is a Toronto-based biotechnology company that is driving drug discovery by empowering scientists in pharma with an integrated cloud-based and AI-augmented platform that enhances how they design, screen and personalize medicines. To learn more, visit

About Bayer G4A
Bayer G4A is a global program that offers support to startups and companies that are developing innovative solutions in health and care. Bayer G4A do it by providing: places to work, mentors and experts to guide companies with business development, financial support, and networking opportunities through their extensive networks. For more information please visit:

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