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Eurofarma and Cyclica Collaborate to Drive Polypharmacology in Drug Discovery Through AI-Augmented Technologies

TORONTO, ON, CANADA (October 8, 2018) –  Eurofarma (, and Cyclica ( are pleased to announce a multi-phase collaboration to advance drug discovery programs by driving insights into small molecule polypharmacology.

Through a multi-phase collaboration, Eurofarma will leverage Cyclica’s cloud-based proteome screening platform, Ligand Express®, to investigate the off-target profiles of small molecules, apply Cyclica’s novel and proprietary advanced AI-driven ADMET-Prediction technology to create state-of-the-art predictive models for pharmacokinetic properties, and leverage Cyclica’s next generation AI-based de novo differential drug design (DDD) technology for multi-targeted drug design.

Dr. Martha Penna, Vice President of Innovation at Eurofarma commented, “Eurofarma is on the cutting edge of innovation, and the application of biophysics and artificial intelligence is core to our strategy of designing better medicines. We’ve had the opportunity to work with, and get to know Cyclica over the past 1.5 years, and we believe that this collaboration will enable us to achieve our drug discovery goals.”

Dr. Gabriela Barreiro, Manager, Pre-Clinical Development at Eurofarma, added, “As scientists, we are constantly looking for new ways to generate and leverage high quality data to support a more efficient discovery process. Eurofarma ‘s focus on radical innovation aligns well with Cyclica’s vision, and their set of AI-augmented technologies will be core to our we design, optimize and understand off-target profiling of lead molecules for our SGC-UNICAMP project. We are confident that these molecules will benefit patients suffering from parasitic infection like Nontuberculous Mycrobacteria (NTM).”

Naheed Kurji, President and CEO of Cyclica said, “We are thrilled to evolve our relationship with Eurofarma through this impactful collaboration. With Dr. Penna’s leadership, Dr. Barreiro’s background in computational chemistry and drug-development experience, Eurofarma truly is open to new innovation and leading the charge in adopting novel computational approaches to drug discovery.”

About the Eurofarma Group
With 46 years of existence, the Eurofarma Group is the first Brazilian pharmaceutical multinational with 100% national capital, being recognized by the medical community and society for promoting access to health and quality of life with fair treatment, quality and innovation. It is present in 20 countries, occupying a prominent position in the following segments: Medical Prescription and OTC, Generic, Hospital, Bidding, Oncology, Veterinary and Third Parties Services. In Brazil, its portfolio is represented by 335 brands, in 844 presentations, for 28 medical specialties and 148 therapeutic areas.

About Cyclica
Cyclica is a Toronto-based biotechnology company that is driving drug discovery by empowering scientists in pharma with an integrated cloud-based and AI-augmented platform that enhances how they design, screen and personalize medicines. To learn more, visit

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