Our Science

Our Science

Traditional design of small molecule therapies has focused on specific, disease-associated protein targets which has led to the development of many breakthrough medicines. However, once a drug enters the body it interacts with dozens, if not hundreds, of proteins before it is excreted. These off-target interactions can represent threats to the safety of a drug, or potential repurposing opportunities. Cyclica's drug first, proteome-wide approach focuses on a drug's polypharmacology — all the proteins it interacts with — to provide insights into repurposing efforts, target identification, lead prioritization, and adverse effect elucidation. 

Our Platform

Cyclica's proprietary suite of computational algorithms, Ligand Express™, which is comprised of PROBEx (proteome-docking), SWITCHx (ligand effect prediction) & DIVEx (systems biology & drug-protein interactomes), evaluates and compares small molecules to predict how each will interact with the human body (i.e. human proteome). Additionally, our in-house database of structurally characterized bacterial and vial proteomes provide further insight into how a drug will affect certain disease states. You can access our platform at

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