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From molecule to medicine

Cyclica has been acquired by Recursion.

A new-age AI driven biotech built to scale

Traditional drug discovery programs target a tiny portion of proteins and often end in failure. By exploring the unexplored and drugging the undrugged, we will impact patient health.

Learn more about our science and how we’re opening new frontiers in drug discovery.


Open new frontiers in drug discovery by matching the chemical universe to the entire protein universe

We have built the only generalizable platform across the entire proteome, expanding our target space for low-data targets, including AlphaFold2 structures, PPIs, and mutant oncogenic targets. Learn more →


Industrialize drug discovery by increasing the speed, scale, and probability of success

Our AI-augmented, proteome-wide drug discovery platform goes from target identification to development candidate in a highly scalable and repeatable process. About our approach →


Validated platform, experienced team, and growing portfolio

We have brought together a diverse and experienced team of biologists, chemists, computer scientists, and business professionals who are collectively passionate about changing the drug discovery paradigm. Meet our team →

We are a neo-biotech advancing an industry-leading, robust and sustainable drug discovery portfolio

Join us as we explore how molecules become drugs

Our From Molecule to Medicine webinar series covers the ins and outs of drug discovery. We also host panels with experts in the field discussing key industry issues. Watch past episodes on YouTube.

Society demands change, and the current paradigm is not keeping up

By exploring the unexplored, and drugging the undrugged, Cyclica strives to impact patient health like never before. Learn more about how we collaborate with early stage biotechs and large tier one pharma alike.