Cyclica is a neo-biotech.

Together with our partners, we are advancing more medicines.

How we work
with our partners

Through our work with partners ranging from early stage biotech to big pharma, we are decentralizing innovation with technology, building novel data-driven pipelines, and instigating cross-organizational drug discovery collaborations.


Biotech companies


Pharmaceutical companies


Nonprofit and government

The biotech pipeline of the future
isn’t owned or built by a single organization

Cyclica’s current portfolio is driven by both internal and partnered programs in preclinical development, late stage lead optimization, and early stage discovery. Here are just some of our global industry partners.

We’ve built a world class team, a novel and proprietary platform, and converged on a visionary business model.

We are working on dozens of programs, with the ability to scale to hundreds, unlike other biotech companies that work on one or a small number of programs. We are able to do that by exploiting the unprecedented scalability of our AI-augmented drug discovery platform. We strive to eliminate the risk of a single program; we are addressing the ever increasing need in our industry: more discovery programs, faster, and across novel and untapped target classes.


We’re matching the chemical universe to the entire protein universe

Our platform drives programs across diverse protein classes. Our focus spans both low and high data protein targets (including mutant targets) with a focus on oncology, autoimmune, and CNS diseases

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We offer tailored, flexible partnerships

Our platform advances more programs, faster, and at a lower cost compared to industry standard approaches. Our diverse team of experts is available to help across all stages of the drug discovery process. We offer customizable partnerships to meet the needs of your organization.

Partner with Cyclica

By exploring the unexplored, and drugging the undrugged, Cyclica strives to impact patient health like never before. Join us as we discover the medicines of tomorrow.

Associated with an academic institute?

You can apply for in-kind access to the Ligand Design or Ligand Express platform.