Cyclica Inc
Molecule to Medicine Series

A webinar series covering the journey of a molecule to a drug.
New episodes air every month.

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Drug Discovery Thought Leadership Panel:
Cloud Computing for AI Drug Discovery

Presented by:
Naheed Kurji, Co-Founder, President and CEO, Cyclica
Angeli Möller, Ph.D., Scientific Advisory Board member, Multiomic Health
Rory Kelleher, Director, Global Head of Business Development, Healthcare, NVIDIA
Thomas Clozel, Co-Founder and CEO, Owkin
and Shweta Maniar, Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences Solutions, Google Cloud – BioPharma

on May 24 @ 11:00 am ET.

Join us as we explore how molecules become drugs

Speakers and episode names will be revealed the week before the episode airs. Watch past episodes on YouTube or listen to them on Spotify.

Welcome to the Molecule to Medicine webinar series

Have you come across our webinar series AI Ate My Homework? In this series, we explored different topics with industry partners, such as Machine Learning and the basics of drug development.

We are excited to launch season 2 but with a new name – Molecule to Medicine (M2M). This season explores the journey of how a molecule becomes a drug, how AI helps in drug discovery, and concepts about drug repurposing and polypharmacology.


Missed an episode? All episodes will be available on YouTube (VOD) and Spotify (podcast).