Cyclica Inc

2017 — Looking ahead for the New Year

2016 was a remarkable and highly productive year for us at Cyclica. From scientific and technological development and validation, brand awareness, commercial traction, and financing, we immersed ourselves in numerous core endeavours, and hustled to reach our goals and objectives.  At the core of Cyclica is its people; they are our most valuable asset. I am proud to say that every member of our team is bought into our vision and has a long-term commitment, takes pride in — and is consciously enhancing — Cyclica’s brand, and is determined to collectively make our future bigger than our past.  

We are now focused on the next evolution of Cyclica’s story in 2017 — concerted efforts on BD to achieve commercial scale, rolling out our SaaS platform in Q2, proactively embarking on additional growth opportunities through continued innovation and development, and continuing to foster a nimble and reactive approach to quickly explore new opportunities as they present themselves in a scientifically rigorous manner.

We are seeing a thirst in the drug discovery world for new technologies that uncover and validate novel targets, and that help guide R&D strategies efficiently. Our vision and winning aspiration is to be an integral utility platform in the R&D value chain to address these needs. We believe that simply relying on cognitive computing and machine learning is insufficient to address the requirements by the scientific community, and that traditional virtual screening technologies can only take scientists so far. At Cyclica, we’ve flipped the problem on its head and approached it with a unique and innovative strategy. Based on our in-house expertise and market intelligence, which has been consistently supported by customer feedback, and confirmed by our external consultants, scientific advisors and board, we believe that a structured-based in silico platform supported by cognitive computing technologies on a proteome-wide scale is the answer. That is what we have spent years developing internally, and what makes us unique. Though we are excited about the current version of Ligand Express™, we recognize that there is a proverbial “tidal wave of science” always at our backs, and that it is our job as a business to lead the charge of innovation. 

In a complex world, we value simplicity, elegance and inclusiveness above all else. With our upcoming SaaS platform and redoubled focus on commercialization, we thought it was time that our logo reflected those values while also adhering to our scientific and technical rigor.

We’ll let you spend time interpreting our logo, and we’d love to hear from you what you think it means for us, and what it means for you. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize how to make lives easier for pharmaceutical companies so that they they can make lives better for consumers with safer and more effective medicines.