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Cyclica and ImmuneMed Form Agreement to Collectively Develop Pancreatic Cancer Therapeutics

Toronto, Canada and Seoul, Republic of Korea — Cyclica Inc. (“Cyclica”), the partner of choice for data driven drug discovery, and ImmuneMed Inc. (“ImmuneMed”), a developer of treatments for viral and inflammatory diseases, announce a collaboration to discover and develop small molecule therapeutics for pancreatic cancer.

Pursuant to the collaboration, Cyclica will screen, identify and design small molecules for ImmuneMed’s pancreatic cancer target. The recent integration of DeepMind’s AlphaFold 2 database into Cyclica’s proprietary drug design platform will incorporate an AlphaFold predicted protein structure to enable drug discovery for ImmuneMed’s proprietary first-in-class target.

Naheed Kurji, Cyclica’s President, CEO and Co-Founder, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership by indicating: “Working with innovative novel drug developers like ImmuneMed, with a commitment to treating incurable diseases, aligns strongly with our focus on embracing the complexity of disease. We’re thrilled to be continuing to build our biotech pipeline of the future on the global stage alongside the team of brilliant scientists at ImmuneMed.”

“We believe that collaborating with an AI-based drug discovery company as reputable as Cyclica will play a leading role in expanding our pipeline and presence worldwide. We will be committed to working with Cyclica as much as possible for each party to be able to achieve the best outcome,” shares Dr. Byoung-Ok Ahn, CEO of ImmuneMed.

Work between Cyclica and ImmuneMed under the collaboration is underway and will continue into 2022. “We look forward to seeing the promising results that this partnership will bring to patients with unmet needs,” shares Kurji.

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Cyclica is the partner of choice for data-driven drug discovery. We advance molecules that embrace the complexity of disease. Our work spans dozens of collaborations with large pharma and biotech as well as several joint ventures. We are a passionate team of biotech and pharma professionals, biologists, chemists, and computer scientists who live and labour at the intersection of our collective expertise. To learn more about Cyclica and how we partner, please visit

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About ImmuneMed
ImmuneMed is a biotech company specialized in developing a first-in-class antibody that treats viral infections and inflammatory diseases. The company has a broad-spectrum anti-viral and anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibody, hzVSF (humanized Virus Suppressing Factor), which is in the process of phase 2 clinical trials for treatments of patients with moderate to severe COVID-19 and Hepatitis B. To learn more about ImmuneMed, please visit

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