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Cyclica and Quinten Form Alliance to Create a First-in-Class Cloud-Based Drug Discovery Informatics Ecosystem

TORONTO, ON, CANADA and PARIS, FRANCE (February 13, 2017) – Quinten, located in Paris, France, and CyclicaInc., located in Toronto, Canada, have jointly formed an alliance to create a Drug Discovery Informatics Ecosystem. The goal of the alliance is to offer pharmaceutical companies, who are seeking productivity gains in discovering and developing lead molecules, a seamless end-to-end cloud-based solution using both Quinten’s and Cyclica’s technologies. With Quinten’s core technology, Q-Finder®, chemists will be able to efficiently optimize a lead compound in terms of pharmacokinetic and on-target parameters. With Cyclica’s Ligand Express™ technology, they will then be able to understand and gain critical insights into the lead compound’s polypharmacology through off-target profiles generated by matching the compound against Cyclica’s proprietary database of all structurally-characterized proteins. This combined platform will provide novel, understandable and immediately actionable insights on the properties of a lead molecule and its opportunity for therapeutic efficacy. It will also flag potential toxicological properties prior to clinical studies, ultimately enhancing productivity in drug development.

Alexandre Templier, Chairman and CEO of Quinten, said: “We are very impressed with Cyclica’s technology, and believe that there is a large opportunity and a need in the market for the combined offering. An integrated solution in the hands of scientists will help guide better and more cost-effective decisions in drug development, and we are excited to present the enhanced value proposition to our existing and future clients.”

“Quinten has deep expertise in data science and information technology, with several successes in the pharmaceutical industry. We believe that by working with Quinten, we will be able to lead the charge in innovation with the goal of effecting broad and sustainable change across the pharmaceutical industry. This alliance is just what the market is asking for, and there is no better partner for us than Quinten”, said Naheed Kurji, President and CEO of Cyclica.

About Quinten:
Quinten’s healthcare division provides data driven strategic and operational consulting services to companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetic industries. It focuses on the exploitation/evaluation of biomedical data, and specializes in the areas of biomarkers, medicinal chemistry, clinical trials, drug rescue, real world evidence generation and risk management. The results of Quinten’s analyzes are delivered in the form of concrete recommendations and interactive software platforms responding to the operational, quantitative and qualitative expectations of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Paris, France.

About Cyclica:
Cyclica Inc. has developed, validated, and patented a structure-based proteome-wide screening platform, Ligand Express™, that currently features PROBEx (proteome-screening), SWITCHx (ligand effect prediction) and DIVEx (systems biology & drug-protein interactomes). Ligand Express™ is unique in that it is a drug-centric platform. For a small molecule ligand, Ligand Express™ automatically generates an intelligent list of ligand-protein interactions by searching through a large proprietary database of all available structurally characterized proteins. The platform provides a panoramic view of a small molecule ligand into both on- and off-target interactions, and is valuable in finding novel desirable or undesirable targets without relying on prior knowledge. By gaining insights into a ligand’s polypharmacology, Cyclica’s clients can identify unknown targets, prioritize lead candidates, elucidate adverse effects, and understand repurposing opportunities.

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Naheed Kurji
President and CEO