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Cyclica announces 10 new academic partnerships to support small molecule drug discovery

Toronto, Canada — Cyclica Inc. (“Cyclica”), a neo-biotech with the vision to advance the most robust and sustainable drug discovery pipeline, is committed to supporting growth in academic research, the basis of numerous drug discoveries which impact patients’ lives. Recently, Cyclica has entered partnerships with the following academic institutions in the respective therapeutic areas below:

  • Duke University, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute, Oregon Health & Science University, North Carolina State University and The University of California, San Francisco in Oncology
  • Brown University and The University of California, San Francisco in Neuroscience
  • The University of Minnesota in Inflammatory disease
  • The University of Washington in AutoImmune disease
  • Rutgers University in Metabolic disease
  • Saint Louis University in Virology/Infectious disease

The Cyclica Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) aims to empower academic researchers with AI-augmented drug discovery platforms to accelerate the drug discovery process. These academic partnerships combine the expertise of academics and research facilities in disease biology with Cyclica’s AI and medicinal chemistry capabilities in a risk- and benefit-sharing collaboration model to generate novel therapeutics with academic and commercial applications.

“Cyclica has benefited greatly from partnerships with leading academic institutions, and with CAPP, we want to drive value to the academic community. We look forward to seeing the promising results these partnerships will bring to patients with unmet needs. ” Vern Di Biasi, Chief Partnerships Officer.

For further information about CAPP, please contact:
Maurice Shen, PhD.
Senior Manager, Academic Partnerships

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