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Vyant Bio and Cyclica Announce a Strategic Collaboration to Identify Compounds to Treat CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder

  • CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (“CDD”) is a severe neurodevelopmental epileptic encephalopathy disorder with no effective treatments or cure
  • Collaboration creates opportunities to identify, validate, and progress new medicines for CDD more rapidly and at a lower cost by derisking biological target and drug candidate selection

CHERRY HILL, NJ and TORONTO, CANADA – August 19, 2021 – Vyant Bio, Inc., (Nasdaq: VYNT), a leading biotech company discovering new therapeutics for neurological diseases and hard-to-treat cancers, and Cyclica, Inc., the partner of choice for data-driven drug discovery, today announced a non-exclusive strategic collaboration combining Vyant Bio’s patient-derived complex organoid biology alongside Cyclica’s proteome-wide, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) enabled discovery platform to identify new treatments for CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (“CDD”), a severe neurodevelopmental epilepsy disorder with no effective treatments or cure.

Vyant Bio’s human-first approach to novel drug discovery incorporates patient biology into the earliest steps of the process with highly functional, disease-based neural organoids, while Cyclica’s proprietary machine learning platforms marry knowledge and structure-based approaches to find novel targets, uncover new uses for existing drugs, and design new molecules with therapeutic potential. Combined, the technologies aim to identify, validate, and progress new targets as well as new and existing compounds for streamlined and de-risked CDD-based drug discovery.

Vyant Bio has deep experience in using human-based disease biology to ensure that early findings are directly related to the patients destined to receive treatments. They have incorporated CDD-based neural organoids into their platforms and are using initial findings to build a robust drug discovery pipeline.

“Last quarter we had launched commercial-stage, novel disease models for CDD,” stated Jay Roberts, CEO of Vyant Bio. “With this strategic collaboration, we have the advantage of leveraging Cyclica’s demonstrated ability to identify unique relationships between compounds, proteins, cellular pathways, and diseases, as well as their AI-based drug discovery. These complementary technologies, combined with our additional pre-clinical expertise, will accelerate the identification of potential medicines and therapies to help children with this devastating disease. We continue to be focused on rapidly identifying small and large molecule therapeutics to treat central nervous system and oncology-related diseases. ”

Naheed Kurji, Co-Founder, CEO, and President of Cyclica, shares his enthusiasm for the partnership adding “Cyclica is building the biotech pipeline of the future, and partnerships with leading organizations like Vyant Bio are key to streamline the discovery of better medicines. Given the unique synergy of Vyant Bio’s in vitro screening approach to human disease and Cyclica’s multi-targeted and multi-objective drug discovery platform, we aim to bring novel therapeutics to patients suffering from CDD.”

About Vyant Bio Inc.
Vyant Bio, Inc., an emerging global drug discovery company, is rapidly identifying small and large  molecule therapeutics to treat central nervous system (“CNS”) and oncology-related disorders. With  leading-edge capabilities in data science, biological and chemical sciences, engineering, preclinical  discovery, and regulatory affairs, Vyant Bio capitalizes on in silico, human cell-derived in vitro disease  models, and in vivo discovery technologies to identify novel biological targets and valuable therapeutics  for patients. Vyant Bio operates two wholly-owned subsidiaries, StemoniX and vivoPharm. Vyant Bio is  headquartered in the US, with offices in Europe and Australia.

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About Cyclica, Inc.
From molecule to medicine, Cyclica embraces the complexity of disease. With deep roots in the industry, a first-in-class platform, and an innovative decentralized partnership model, Cyclica is creating medicines with greater precision for unmet patient needs. Cyclica’s work spans dozens of collaborations with large pharma and biotech as well as several joint ventures. Cyclica is a passionate team of biotech and pharma professionals, biologists, chemists, and computer scientists who live and labor at the intersection of our collective expertise. To learn more about Cyclica and partnering opportunities, please visit

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About CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
CDD is a severe neurodevelopmental epileptic encephalopathy disorder that arises from spontaneous mutations in the CDKL5 gene. Seizures in children with CDD can begin as early as the first week of life and occur daily. Additionally, individuals with CDD present with intellectual disabilities; delays in speech, cognitive, and motor skills; and characteristic repetitive behaviors. The prevalence of mutations in CDKL5 is estimated at approximately 1 in 40,000–60,000 live births(1). There is, at present, no effective treatment or cure for CDD.

(1) Symonds JD, Zuberi SM, Stewart K, et al. Incidence and phenotypes of childhood-onset genetic epilepsies: a prospective population-based national cohort. Brain. 2019;142(8):2303-2318.

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